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Educational Boat Trips - School Visits Bristol

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These trips are suitable and adaptable for all ages from Infant and Junior Key Stages, Secondary school projects, GCSE, 'A' level and degree courses. The commentary is adapted to suit the requirements of the group. Bristol City Docks and the Avon provide a rich source of teaching material in geography, history, industry, and urban regeneration.

All our boats are maintained and operated to Maritime and Coastguard Agency standards, with licensed crew.

City Dock Tour

The history and geography of Bristol. A one hour, five mile trip around Bristol’s Floating Harbour in the heart of the city. Fascinating for its history, industrial archaeology, Brunel association and urban regeneration. The trip can easily be combined with a free visit to the M Shed museum.

Boat Max Passengers Charter Fee
Tower Belle 95 £225
Bagheera 55 £175
Flower of Bristol 52 £175
Redshank 54 £175

Avon Gorge Cruise

Two and a half hour trip includes a passage through the Floating Harbour, locking onto the tidal Avon in the wake of a 1000 years of shipping. Passengers will experience dramatic views of Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Avon Gorge.
Times subject to tide.

Boat Max Passengers 2.5 Hour
Tower Belle 80 £450
Bagheera 50 £350

River Cruise

Perfect for primary school summer outings. Through the harbour and onto rural stretches of the Avon, where the city meets the countryside. See herons, kingfishers and other wildlife. This three hour trip includes a one hour stop for games or picnic on the riverbank at Eastwood Farm Park Nature Reserve.

Boat Max Passengers Charter Fee
Tower Belle 3 hours 95 £475
Bagheera 3 hours 55 £375
Flower of Bristol 3 hours 52 £375
Redshank 3 hours 54 £375